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Josep Pomés
Josep Pomés is a painter who feels the beauty of the diversity of light and who in every painting seems to gently surrender to an act of love wherein the action corresponds to every chosen subject. One gets the sensation that this artistic action consists more in giving than in possessing. In his landscapes of the port of the city of Barcelona as well as in his paintings of Paris and London there is, in first place, something like an affeccionate adhesion to the environment located; like a cordial submission to what exists.And it is trought this, once we have understood the apparent simplicity of the subjects, that we begin to see the personality of a painter who actually orders the beauty found instead of limiting himself to obey it. We become aware, once appreciate the attrcactiveness of the subjects, that the real explication lies in the raised and resolved pictorical problems. Depths, views against the light and planes harmonize and give personal views where each painting represents the state of mind of a personality full of emotions.

Josep Maria Cadena

Josep Pomés is one of the few foreign painters, with a work of quality, that are still continue painting this way in Catalonia. The Catalan artist begins and ends his work completely outside. Not even, in most cases, the retouching in the studio.
Josep Pomés employs a quick stroke and intuitive, almost visceral, trying to grasp what reality offers to immediately transform the act of painting. Emphasize its series devoted to Paris cityscapes i London, where the painter captures the ambient humidity, rainy days, the rivers Thames and Seine and the nobility of the buildings. They are also very significant their series of cityscapes of Barcelona, specifically the Ramblas and especially the Port of Barcelona. In the latter series, the Catalan painter conveys with startling accuracy, chromatic variations Barcelona sky and reflections of the environment in the waters of the Port of Barcelona. The scenes of cranes, barges merchant and fishing are the manners landscape conveys the artist, including taking romantic attitudes in some very specific works.
The series of the Ramblas are characterized by the speed of the stroke, the stroke agility and tendency to capture fleeting moments of people going that fast with their wake seem to blend with the foliage of the trees that line the landscape.
In all series highlights its chromatic harmony and palette that uses clear and transparent. In the series of Paris and London dominate the skies gray and blue, and ocher, brown and white buildings. While the skies of Barcelona port violet range of the spectrum of blues and grays to whites. Merchant ships and fishing boats, which occupy a large part of the composition highlight the endearing aspect of the port, especially because the artist does not establish a single pallet or a single approach to the works of this series, giving an intimate nature and obvious .

F. Messeguer

Josep Pomés, already at the beginning of seniority, pictorial carrier innate wisdom accrued by experience, is a painter of strong ideas, certainties, has long come to conclusions, reasoned about the act of painting, and he knows what you want to express with brushes in hand. And paints. Painting is a vital necessity for him. The unpainted life would be meaningless.
Stand on the issue, as it is outside painters, who love the lighting hue in a particular time and whose capture occurs will.
He paints his urban views, always broad, comprehensive, in which the figure has a special presence, paints landscapes, serene and tranquil, marine paints, port scenes, boats in the harbor, also paints nudes, gorgeous nudes, inquisitors, very worked i prepared, caring qualities of brushstroke insistent meat ....
Pomés paints passionately, with restrained delivery, controlling always good, very good, his work.

Mario Nicolás

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